Aquatic Plants

Look for a wonderful selection of Aquatic plants including Lotus, water lilies and more this Spring!  Don’t have room for a large pond? Stop in and let us help you build your own Tropical Oasis with the Pond In A Pot. 


Building a Pond

With the proper combination of aquatic plants, you can re-create the natural balance found in a woodland pond—right in your own backyard! Enjoy a vibrant summer display of hardy natives and/or tropical colour in a tranquil, harmonious setting.

When to Start: Wait for consistently frost-free weather in late spring.

Where to Grow: Any sunny area of the yard will do.

Size Matters

Check the diameter of your pond and consult our easy-to-read chart to determine the number of Aqua Garden Marginals, Oxygenators, Floaters and Water Lilies you will need. It is important to select plants in the proper proportions to ensure that the water remains clear and the garden in general stays healthy. Not only do plants provide cooling shade, they also limit necessary sunlight from penetrating the water’s surface and compete for nutrients, helping control algae. Choose your favorite colors and varieties—then enjoy the show!

After Care 

waterWater: Maintain the water level in your pond at just above the rim of the Aqua Garden. In summer, check the water level every 2–3 days.

feedFeed: To get the most out of your Marginals, Water Lilies and Potted Oxygenators, you will need to feed them. Press a fish-friendly fertilizer pellet into the soil every 2–3 weeks until mid-autumn.

trimTrim: As the summer warms, Floaters will begin to grow many new shoots. Water Lilies and Floaters need to share the pond, so allow Floaters to cover only up to 70% of the surface. Once every few weeks, snap off the newest Floater side shoots and put them back in the pot. Share the original Floater pieces with a friend so that they can start their own Aqua Garden!


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